Q & A Frequently Asked Questions


    1.    DB-02C is out of work.

    Please follow below steps to do general checking.

      i.   Please make sure there is no strong light source near DB-02C receiver. The general brightness will not affect the performance of DB-02C.

      ii.  Check the battery life for ultrasonic stylus. Press on the pen tip check if there are lighting or buzz sounds from the stylus.

      iii.  Please make sure the receiver is well connected to computer with USB cable. Check whether the blue power indicator on receiver lights up.

      iv.  Please make sure the Calibration.exe program is carried out and the icon is appearing on task bar. Receiver is detected and workable if the icon is in blue color. Otherwise, it will be in grey with an “x”mark.

               Not ready            Ready


       v.   To restart the calibration process again.

       vi.  Change another USB cable to check.


    2.     Serious shake or lag problem during drawing.

       i.    Problem might be caused by loud noise or metal sounds.

      ii.   Problem might be caused by resonance issue between DB-02C and the board. Try to place a piece of paper (A4 size) in front of the receiver, or change the steel mounting be attached EVA with steel mounting as below drawing to solve the problem.



        iii.    Problem might be caused by too strong or weak ultrasonic signals. Try to shift receiver to the direction right or left a little bit but still at least 3~7cm away from screen.



      iv.  Move the strong light or heat source away from the receiver. Direct light source should be avoided to minimize the shaky or lagging result. If light source cannot be move, please switch the receiver to another side of screen and do calibration again for better writing quality.

      v.    Some projectors, especially those with throw ratio under 1.0, may cause strong infrared light. Placing DB-02C receiver on top of the screen may also cause shake or lag. Reposition the receiver to avoid the issue.

       vi.  Some Interactive projectors are equipped with infrared sender, which may interfere with DB-02C. Block the infrared light source could solve the issue.

       vii.  If using DB-02C on the IR LED build-in interactive board (such as infrared finger touch board), please make sure the USB from the board is unplug.


    3.     DB-02C will only function when stylus and the receiver are use together.

       i.   Optimize the work area for DB-02C by using it on a hard and flat surface. It should reduce the working area on soft and/or rough surface.

       ii.   Please re-start the driver of DB-02C and do calibration again if calibration is not successful.


    4.     Unsynchronized calibration.

        i.    Device should be re-calibrated if resolution of computer is changed.

        ii.   Hold the stylus perpendicular to the writing surface to avoid inaccurate calibration.


    5.     Calibration is not functioning.

        i.    Overloaded application or O.S. Programs may stop the calibration from functioning. Reduce the running application and restart the calibration again.

        ii.  O.S. will not be able to identify the calibration program if two or more programs are running at the same. Right click and close all the calibration from the task bar, then restart calibration.