Capture Board Trouble Shooting

Capture Board Trouble Shooting:


In case of forgetting your account or password, please send the S/N located behind Capture Board and your purchase location or dealer to our Customer  Service e-mail: We will help you retrieve your account info

2: Out-Dated Software

You can update the software by visiting our website  and download the latest version

*Make sure to remove the old installed Cap Note software before Installing the latest Version

3: PCBA replacement

To replace broken PCBA, open the hatch located at the rear side of the board. Please use appropriate tools to open hatch. Pull out broken PCBA and plug in new one. For new PCBA, contact your local agent or distributor

4: New Marker and Eraser

Once the ink inside the pen is used up, contact your local agent or distributor to purchase for replacement. Regular Marker and Eraser won’t work with the board. Capture Board Marker and Eraser is made with specific materials not found on regular marker and eraser

 5: Board Surface Maintenance

Used typical dry erase white board cleanser to wipe and clean surface. Avoid using other chemicals or sharp objects to clean surface. 

 6: Internet Connection

Ensure a stable internet connection for Server and Client devices. Unstable connection might cause lagging or clients un-able to receive information transmitted from the board.